Oh No……. A MOOSE!!

Hey ya’ll!!
This has been a very intense week!! So I thought that I would start off with a funny story. (hint: it has to do with the subject heading)
Sister Law and I were going to Canada to have supper with a member and to do Book of Mormon study with some of the members in that area. We had just crossed the border and we were on the highway and start heading to the members house. I’m driving, and as every good driver I am looking and being aware of my surroundings. I look over to my left and I see a moose on the other side of the road!  I said “look Sister Law, its a moose!” She said that’s cool! I look back in front of me and what do my eyes behold? Another moose!! I then scream, OH No…… A MOOSE!!  as I was slamming on the breaks. I came to a stop about a car length and a half from this moose, who was just starring at me like it was no big deal. It sat there for a second before it lumbered off of the road. As with most near death experiences, Sister Law and I began to laugh hysterically. Sister Law told me that most people in this mission wait and pray that they get to see a moose and I saw two my first transfer and they were super close. In case anyone was wondering, moose are UGLY!! And to be perfectly honest, really funny looking with their proportions.  Now it was several hours later when I saw the miracle in this situation. I should have hit that moose. Why you may ask?  Well I was going 70mph and I was pretty close to the moose before I saw it.  Like maybe 3 to 4 car lengths away. Definitely not enough time to come to a complete stop in time. If anyone was wondering, the Lord protects His missionaries!! I know that there were angels protecting us and I know they helped me to stop. Because that was a very smooth stop. Our bags didn’t even fly off of the seats in the back!
To be perfectly honest this has been the hardest week of my mission. It’s not that the work is hard, it’s easy. Getting up on time, easy. The hard part has been the people. This past week they have been so calloused, rude and overall just mean. When you are with mean people all the time, it tends to wear on you. There was also some sad information we learned about a member that was hard to handle. But these hard times don’t last forever and there is always hope.
This week is transfer week. I am staying in my area and getting a new companion which is going to be hard. I have grown so close to Sister Law. It is going to be so hard to say goodbye to her. But our last day was filled with miracles. The weather here has been warming up. It’s nice to see 60 degree weather after hanging out in the 30’s for a long while. So we decided to do some street contacting that morning. Outside of our apartment is a busy street and by busy I mean there’s very rarely more than 50 cars at once. Well, they were all out at that time and there is no cross walk. We need to get across the street. Sister Law and I, half jokingly said, well lets part the sea of cars. We did the hand motion and everything. Not even two seconds later, the cars on both sides were gone. We had so much time that we could have meandered across the street. We’re not exactly sure where the cars went, but they were gone. A couple hours later we were running late to an appointment and we needed to run back to our apartment to get our car. Once again, the street was super busy and there was no way we would be able to cross for at least 5 more minutes. Based on our experience earlier that morning, we parted the sea of cars again and can anyone guess what happened? No? Well I’ll tell you anyways. The sea parted and we were able to get to our car and to our appointment on time! The Lord provides!! The bigger lesson is that we acted in faith, knowing that the Lord would provide away for us to get across the street. He also gave us one of the best gifts a missionary can receive! We met a guy and we talked to him for a bit and he basically said “yes, come over and teach my family!”  We found a family!!! And they want us to teach them!! That was the best thing the Lord could have done for us. It made up for the crappiness of last week.
During dark times in our lives, it is really easy to think and feel like the Lord has abandoned us. But I can promise you that he has not and will not ever abandon us. 1 Nephi 21: 14-16 are some of my favorite verses. They show just how much the Lord loves us! The evidence of His love can be found all over the scriptures and I can promise that if you look hard enough, it will become evident in your life as well!!  I love you all and I hope all is going well! I can’t wait to hear from you guys this next week!
Love, Emma

A Week of Miracles

Hey ya’ll!!
I hope everyone is doing well and that you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather! Yes, that’s right, it is just barley turning into spring here. So we have officially moved to doing a lemonade stand! In case any of you were wondering.
Now for stories!! This past week has been filled with miracles but I will only share two. One is fairly obvious, but the other is not.
Miracle number one!
Sister Law and I were doing phone booking. That is where we grab a phone book and start calling people to see if they want to learn more about the gospel. It was Sister Laws turn and I got up and started making a cup of tea. It had been a pretty stressful day. I was casually listening to the phone when a guy actually answered. The phone book here is pretty inaccurate so when you do get a person who answers its pretty exciting! It’s even more exciting if they don’t hang up on you within 10 seconds of learning who you are. It started out as a regular phone call. Sister Law gave her opening dialog and this guys response to the fact that we are missionaries was “well that’s unfortunate.” We sat there stunned and waited to hear the click of the phone. When after a moment of silence, the man on the phone said “go on”. So Sister Law went on. This turned into a 20 minute conversation. The mans name is Tim and he started out very hostile like and it sounded like he wanted to bible bash. But as the conversation went on, his needs became clear. While this was going on, I got up to pour my tea and I was so engrossed in the conversation happening between Sister Law and Tim that I missed my cup and poured boiling water all over my hand! So it naturally began to hurt and go bright flaming red and swelled up. I had ice on it for about an hour. Sister Law and I had to do some other stuff when it quickly became 8:45.  I had to go and get something to find relief from the burn. It was like time stopped. We had time to drive the 5 minutes to walmart, run in find the burn gel, and drive back to be in our apartments by 9. Then when I woke up the next morning there was only one little spot that hurt. My had was fully healed by noon the next day. That burn should have lasted at least a week and it was gone the next day.
Miracle number 2!
This is less noticeable. We went on exchanges this past week and we were in Saint John, New Brunswick. I was feeling pretty weighed down and I was able to get a lot of the help that I needed. Our STL’s (Sister Training Leaders) are awesome. Sensing the need to have a bit of fun, we went to the beach before we had to leave the next day. I never thought that I would be able to go to the beach as a missionary, but I guess when most of your mission is islands its hard to avoid! We had so much fun and we even found some pieces of sea glass. It was a much needed break and for me it was a miracle. I was freed from the stresses of missionary life for a moment and was able to have some true, genuine fun! I am out of time now! But I Love you all and I hope all is going well!!
Love, Emma