Our Liahona, Hal the Bible Basher, and The Power of Faith

As you can see from the subject line, we have had a very interesting week. While it is on my mind, yes I did get all of the packages sent to me. Also there is an Elder Warner in the mission as well.  He is French speaking and is from the Ogden area I think. So I may have found a new cousin, who knows. We had zone conference this past week and it was insanely powerful! I learned so much and was greatly uplifted. I left my journal back at the apartment. I can’t remember most of the things I learned, but I did learn lots! Our meetings continue with Justin and he is progressing really slowly, but has a great desire to learn! He has asked to meet with us 2 times a week now! Renee and Lexi are still on track to being baptized! One of the coolest things ever is to hear your investigator bear their testimony. Renee did it yesterday during fast and testimony meeting and it was so powerful!! It brought me to tears.
Sorry I am so scatter brained! It has been a crazy week!  It is hard to remember everything. So I will now tell about the big things that are in the subject line.
We have a Liahona, like a legit one. Our GPS only works if we have faith and pray about it. I am dead serious. Then there is Hal, the bible basher. Oh my word!! So Sister Law and I went out knocking and we knock on this door. A big guy comes out and immediately start spouting off some crazy ideas of his like I don’t need religion! Religion doesn’t bring you closer to God, it takes you away!  Jesus didn’t have a religion! Just a bunch of things like that. My thought was “okay you are definitely not interested so were gonna go,” but Hal went on like that for 20 minutes straight! I’m not even exaggerating! He would not let us get a word in edge wise. He was trying his hardest to bash with us and we weren’t going to give into it. Finally, the words of my dad came into my mind, “the only way to handle bible bashers is to bear testimony,” so I found my opportunity and I bore testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ and how it makes up for everything wrong in this life. He was a very bitter man because of the things other people had done do him. The whole atmosphere changed after that. The hostility from him went away and he said how he liked that we went around in pairs and how he liked that we weren’t afraid of him like the JW’s (Jehovah Wittiness) are. Strange compliments I know, but we were then able to walk away and it was on pleasant terms and not the bad ones we started on. The power of testimony astounds me.
But the power of faith is even more astonishing! Sister Law and I had set this goal that we were going to get 3 new investigators by the end of this past week. It was Thursday and we didn’t have a single one. Sister Law was discouraged by this.  I was hopeful that the Lord would provide a way. I was getting into bed and I was just starting to fall asleep when Sister Law yelled “Sister Warner!!” My “what” was probably more snarky than it needed to be. That didn’t phase Sister Law at all! She just exclaims “we’re going to find a family!” She continued saying we don’t have to find 3 individual people we just need to find a family and the Lord says He’s prepared one! I said “we are going to find a family.” When I said that, the spirit confirmed to me that it was true. The next day we knocked for an hour and a half straight. It was raining, it was freezing cold, and it was insanely muddy. We didn’t notice it at all. We were so focused on finding that family that it didn’t matter what we had to go through to find them, and we were happy about it! I have never been in more miserable conditions and been happy about it before. We knocked on this one door and a woman named Tiffany opens it and she is interested in our message and we were able to set up an appointment with her for Sunday. Then we met a family and they said that we could meet with them on Sunday. We were so happy. Sunday comes and the family cancels on us. We were so sad because we thought they were the ones we were suppose to find. But we were still meeting with Tiffany and it was good. The moment we started teaching Tiffany about the restoration and the Plan of Salvation, the spirit bore a powerful witness to all of us in the room that what we were saying was true and the Tiffany was the one prepared for us to find. We invited her to be baptized on May 28 and she said yes! I just about lost it I was so excited! As the spirit got stronger she began to open up more and she explained to us that she and her husband have been trying for years to have children but haven’t been able to. Sister Law bore powerful testimony that the Lord will not with hold blessings from her as she does what He commands. I bore testimony of the atonement and Christ’s love for her. It was just powerful. I almost felt like I was back at the MTC because of how prepared Tiffany is. It almost felt unreal.
Throughout this week the Lord has been teaching me a very powerful lesson. There is only one real temptation. Deny who you are. All other temptations sprout from that and are meant to help accomplish the first. Satan knows that if he can get us to deny who we are and to forget who we are, he has won a huge victory. My admonition to each of you reading this letter is to Remember who you are. You are children of God. We are eternal beings meant to accomplish great things in this life. The natural man is powerful and we may think that our follies and weaknesses define us, but they do not. The world has taught us how to be the natural man, but it is not who we are. We are Children of The Most High God. We need to act like it. The knowledge of who we are is powerful and Satan knows it. That is why he strives to get us to deny and forget who we are. Satan is a powerful adversary, but I know that when we rely on Christ and His Atonement, Satan doesn’t stand a chance. Let Christ fight our battles and we will win every time. He Loves us and if we choose to stand with Him, He will not let us fall.
I love all of you and hope everything is going well!!
Camero Ferrari (Love)

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