Im not exactly sure what happened….

Hey  ya’ll

So this week has been extra crazy, in fact it has been so crazy that I don’t even know what happened this week!! So this email will probably be super short. Remember that family Sister Law and I found? Well, they dropped us. I haven’t been more crushed in my life. It was insanely hard to handle. I didnt even know how to approach handling this. It has baffeled me that people can feel the spirit so strongly and deny it. It is mind boggling. I guess the biggest thing that I have learned this week is that the Lord helps you through all of your trials. After Tiffany dropped us, we were teaching our investigator Justin and we put him on date to be baptized!!!  We are working towards May 28! It was such a blessing to receive after the devestating news of Tiffany. We have been meeting lots of people and its really sad that they aren’t wanting listen to the beautiful message of the gospel. I was feeling pretty discouraged about this when Elder Trivino told me something funny and comforting. He said, “you know Sister Warner, there are the fishers and then there are the hunters. God sends fishers to areas like Brazil where they bring lots of people into the Gospel. Then there are the hunters and God sends them to areas like this to hunt for the one. Not to dis on people who go to places like Brazil because we need them too, but God sends His strongest and most skilled missionaries to hunt for the one.” I love Elder Trivino. He is super funny and he is a really good district leader! Well I am out of time! I will remember more for next week and I will send pictures next week too!
Camero Ferrari!

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