Last days in the MTC and the First Days in the Field

Hey Y’all!!

In case you guys were wondering I made it safely to Canada and then to Holton Maine! I will tell of my travels here a bit later! My last few days at the MTC were some of the most powerful! I learned a ton of things that have helped me while I have been out here in the field. I keep learning everyday how much my motto applies out here. I believe that it was truly inspired of our Heavenly Father. It was so hard to say good bye to my district in the MTC.  It was almost as bad as saying goodbye to my family. It was really hard because they became my family while I was in the MTC. But the sorrow left quickly when those of us going to Canada got on the bus to go to Frontrunner to go to the airport. That was an adventure!! We stuck out like none other. All of us had like 3-4 bags and luggage items. It took a while for all of us to get on the train. I got stuck in between the doors trying to help people get on the train. It was a pretty funny moment. Then we get to the airport and the usual chaos that ensues there did. Soon enough we were on the plane to JFK. In Utah people normally ignore missionaries because we are a fairly common sight, but it JFK… man did we stick out. Everyone was staring at us! It was a little strange at first but we got use to it pretty quickly. The real problems of our journey didn’t begin until we got into Canada and had to go to the immigration office. They had no idea who we were, why we were there and why we would be there for so long. It took them an hour to figure out that it was okay for us to be there and then another hour for us to get our temporary residency papers. We didn’t get back to the mission home until 3am and it was 3:30am before we were able to go to bed. They were kind and let us sleep until 8am.
Adventure number 2! Nova Scotia doesn’t recognize international drivers licenses! So we all had to go and get a Nova Scotia Drivers license. In the process they took away my Utah license, I wasn’t too happy about that. Later that day we did some street contacting and it was really hard. People did not like us and they most definitely did not want to talk to us. It was rough for me. Aside from that, the Halifax Dartmouth area is absolutely beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen before. Because our mission covers such a large area we drive everywhere! I drove 6 1/2 hours to meet my companion, Sister Law, in Amhurst. Sister Law can’t drive so I am the designated driver. Then it was another 4 1/2 hours to the border where we realized that Sister Law had switched passports with her former companion. The people at the border were kind and let us go back into Canada.  We had to drive all the way back to Halifax to switch them around. President Pratt was kind enough to have us only drive back to Amhurst and sent some other sisters to drive the 2 hours or so to make the switch. So, I drove for 10 hours my first day! Sister Law and I got to know each other pretty well. She is from Michigan and has been out for about a year now. She is nice and is a hard worker.  We get a long fairly well.  We spent the night in Amhurst and drove back to Holton the next day. Then we had weekly planning. It wasn’t until that evening that I met with one of our new investigators. His name is Justin. He is friends with a couple who were recently baptized. They’re names are Kym and Jimmy and they love to feed us!! They are great missionaries as well. They are always willing to come with us to lessons and 4 out of our 5 investigators know them and that’s how they came into contact with us. 2 of our investigators, Renee and Lexi, a mother and daughter, have a date to be baptized on April 23!! It is so exciting and cool to be working with them. To see the change that the gospel has wrought in there lives is amazing!! It has been a rough week and I was so grateful that it was General Conference! Each of the talks had something that I needed to hear and I was spiritually filled. I love Conference!! It was so powerful to me this past time around. My faith and testimony of Christ has been strengthened. I know that He is at the center of everything in our lives. He gives us the strength we need when we feel as if we cannot go on. He makes it possible, no matter how broken we are, that we can be rebuilt and be stronger than we ever were before! He is our Savior and Redeemer. He is waiting to come to our rescue. All we need to do is call out for Him and He will be there. I love all of you and I can’t wait to hear how everything is going!!
Love, Emma

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