Week 2



Well I made it another week! It seems crazy to me that this is my last week at the MTC and that by this time next week I will be in Canada. I have learned so many things this past week. Seeing as how I can’t remember what happened last Thursday- Saturday I will start on Sunday. Sunday we had the opportunity to watch the 9am session of the Provo City Center Dedication. It was such an amazing experience and being at the MTC heightened it. The Hosanna shout and singing The Spirit of God gave me goosebumps!!
Church works very different here so we had our sacrament meeting a couple of hours after the dedication. The theme was the Atonement and the two talks that stuck out to me the most were by the first counselor and his wife in our branch. Sister Bradford is from Germany and converted to the church when she was around 16 I think. She reminds me so much of Grandma Silvia. I just adore her! Her talk was on repentance and it was so simple and so powerful! I got so much out of it. She said that in German to repent means to make a Uturn or to turn around. I love that image because that literally is what repentance is. It is turning away from that which takes us away from Christ and turning back to Christ. It is that turn to Christ that makes us want to follow him and do all that he has asked us to. Repentance with the atonement makes it possible for those who are surrounded by sin to be able to dig out of it. Repentance makes the good man a better man. Repentance is for everyone not just sinners. I love sister Bradford so much!! After sacrament she was saying goodbye to us, she is going out of town. She said, “you know Sister Warner, you and I are Kindred Spirits.” That just made my day! Brother Bradford also spoke on repentance and he said something that I really loved as well. He asked us 2 questions. Do you believe in Christ? Do you believe Christ? I want everyone to think about those questions and if you believe in Christ, think of what is holding you back from believing Him. What I mean by that is when Christ says he wants to help heal you and promises you certain blessings, why is it so hard for us to believe that he is going to keep the promises. Just something to think about, maybe it was just for me. On Sundays, we can watch devotionals or movies. Our district watched Character of Christ by Elder Bednar. I don’t know if you guys can find it, but I really want you to try. It has changed my outlook on life. The biggest things I learned was to get over myself by turning outwards instead of inwards in tough situations. Like Christ did every single time. He also gave us a challenge and I want all of you guys to do it too. We were challenged to get a paperback BoM and to write down a question we want answered. For example, my question is, how can I put away the natural man. Then you read the BoM and mark every time you find some sort of answer. When you finish, you write a summary of what you learned on the inside page. I am working on this and boy is it changing my life.
Monday we got new TRC investigators!! Sister Kiser and I are teaching Miranda and Haley. In addition, we are still teaching Emily. Emily is progressing really well!! We have committed her to thinking about getting baptized, she is reading the BoM and is praying!!!! Seeing the gospel change her is one of the best feelings ever, even though she is a teacher. It’s the craziest thing!  We know it is our teacher, but the experience in teaching Emily is so real. We met our new TRC’s and we have our golden investigator!! It’s Miranda, oh my is she prepared for the gospel! She answers a lot of her own questions and she is understanding everything we have been teaching her! We have only met with her twice and she has agreed to be baptized!! She still has a lot to learn but she is eager and willing to learn all she can! Haley is a bit harder though. She is from Korea and is getting a business degree from BYU. Her friend is Mormon and she wants to know more. The thing is, she doesn’t believe that she will get an answer because she hasn’t gotten one in the past by doing the things we have asked her to do. But she is willing to give it another go. We are trying to help her figure out how the spirit talks to her. Its been difficult because there is a bit of a language barrier. We are teaching her again tonight so we are hoping that she felt the spirit.
Tuesday we did some role playing and it was a disaster! Sister Kiser and I left that lesson in tears. It kind of threw a wrench in our day because it was so bad. The Lord is amazing though and he helped us get through it and we learned a lot from that lesson. That lesson is where I got my mission motto. Love, Listen, Testify. It is those basic principles that will help us get through any lesson with any person we encounter. Even though that lesson was so hard, I am glad I went through it so that I could find my motto. Our day got much better! I am so grateful for the elders in my district because they made me laugh so hard through out the day and it just make it better. Laughter really is the best medicine. We taught Miranda again and she paid Sister Kiser and I the best compliment a missionary could ask for. She asked what our day was like and we told her that we spend a good portion of our day studying for her and our other investigators so that we can be better prepared to help meet their needs. That hit her so hard and she said so you guys are like Jesus then. That meant the world to me as Sister Kiser and I pointed to our name tags and said we are doing our best to be His representatives. I feel like that was a huge tender mercy. After such a rough morning to have someone say that we are like Christ made it all worth it. It made that horrible experience worth going through. If people can recognize that we are trying to help them come unto Christ and be healed and to have lasting happiness and peace then it makes every rough moment worth going through.
I hope everyone is okay and doing well! I would love to receive some emails or letters from you guys. I want to hear how everything is going! I hope Abbey’s procedure went well and that Anna’s foot is okay and hopefully Matthew isn’t beating up everyone with his cast. How is the house doing? How is grandma doing? When is her surgery? Please tell me, I was so sad when I got on this week and I only had one new email. Even if I don’t get to respond I still want to hear about what is going on! Your letters make my day! I love you all very much!! And I miss you all!!
Camero Ferrari (Love)
Sister Emma Warner

One thought on “Week 2

  1. Emma I am so happy to hear that you are well and doing your mission with love. I did no have doubt about it. Take care of yourself and I wish you to spend a nice Easter.Keep me posted. Love Angela


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