Oh No……. A MOOSE!!

Hey ya’ll!!
This has been a very intense week!! So I thought that I would start off with a funny story. (hint: it has to do with the subject heading)
Sister Law and I were going to Canada to have supper with a member and to do Book of Mormon study with some of the members in that area. We had just crossed the border and we were on the highway and start heading to the members house. I’m driving, and as every good driver I am looking and being aware of my surroundings. I look over to my left and I see a moose on the other side of the road!  I said “look Sister Law, its a moose!” She said that’s cool! I look back in front of me and what do my eyes behold? Another moose!! I then scream, OH No…… A MOOSE!!  as I was slamming on the breaks. I came to a stop about a car length and a half from this moose, who was just starring at me like it was no big deal. It sat there for a second before it lumbered off of the road. As with most near death experiences, Sister Law and I began to laugh hysterically. Sister Law told me that most people in this mission wait and pray that they get to see a moose and I saw two my first transfer and they were super close. In case anyone was wondering, moose are UGLY!! And to be perfectly honest, really funny looking with their proportions.  Now it was several hours later when I saw the miracle in this situation. I should have hit that moose. Why you may ask?  Well I was going 70mph and I was pretty close to the moose before I saw it.  Like maybe 3 to 4 car lengths away. Definitely not enough time to come to a complete stop in time. If anyone was wondering, the Lord protects His missionaries!! I know that there were angels protecting us and I know they helped me to stop. Because that was a very smooth stop. Our bags didn’t even fly off of the seats in the back!
To be perfectly honest this has been the hardest week of my mission. It’s not that the work is hard, it’s easy. Getting up on time, easy. The hard part has been the people. This past week they have been so calloused, rude and overall just mean. When you are with mean people all the time, it tends to wear on you. There was also some sad information we learned about a member that was hard to handle. But these hard times don’t last forever and there is always hope.
This week is transfer week. I am staying in my area and getting a new companion which is going to be hard. I have grown so close to Sister Law. It is going to be so hard to say goodbye to her. But our last day was filled with miracles. The weather here has been warming up. It’s nice to see 60 degree weather after hanging out in the 30’s for a long while. So we decided to do some street contacting that morning. Outside of our apartment is a busy street and by busy I mean there’s very rarely more than 50 cars at once. Well, they were all out at that time and there is no cross walk. We need to get across the street. Sister Law and I, half jokingly said, well lets part the sea of cars. We did the hand motion and everything. Not even two seconds later, the cars on both sides were gone. We had so much time that we could have meandered across the street. We’re not exactly sure where the cars went, but they were gone. A couple hours later we were running late to an appointment and we needed to run back to our apartment to get our car. Once again, the street was super busy and there was no way we would be able to cross for at least 5 more minutes. Based on our experience earlier that morning, we parted the sea of cars again and can anyone guess what happened? No? Well I’ll tell you anyways. The sea parted and we were able to get to our car and to our appointment on time! The Lord provides!! The bigger lesson is that we acted in faith, knowing that the Lord would provide away for us to get across the street. He also gave us one of the best gifts a missionary can receive! We met a guy and we talked to him for a bit and he basically said “yes, come over and teach my family!”  We found a family!!! And they want us to teach them!! That was the best thing the Lord could have done for us. It made up for the crappiness of last week.
During dark times in our lives, it is really easy to think and feel like the Lord has abandoned us. But I can promise you that he has not and will not ever abandon us. 1 Nephi 21: 14-16 are some of my favorite verses. They show just how much the Lord loves us! The evidence of His love can be found all over the scriptures and I can promise that if you look hard enough, it will become evident in your life as well!!  I love you all and I hope all is going well! I can’t wait to hear from you guys this next week!
Love, Emma

A Week of Miracles

Hey ya’ll!!
I hope everyone is doing well and that you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather! Yes, that’s right, it is just barley turning into spring here. So we have officially moved to doing a lemonade stand! In case any of you were wondering.
Now for stories!! This past week has been filled with miracles but I will only share two. One is fairly obvious, but the other is not.
Miracle number one!
Sister Law and I were doing phone booking. That is where we grab a phone book and start calling people to see if they want to learn more about the gospel. It was Sister Laws turn and I got up and started making a cup of tea. It had been a pretty stressful day. I was casually listening to the phone when a guy actually answered. The phone book here is pretty inaccurate so when you do get a person who answers its pretty exciting! It’s even more exciting if they don’t hang up on you within 10 seconds of learning who you are. It started out as a regular phone call. Sister Law gave her opening dialog and this guys response to the fact that we are missionaries was “well that’s unfortunate.” We sat there stunned and waited to hear the click of the phone. When after a moment of silence, the man on the phone said “go on”. So Sister Law went on. This turned into a 20 minute conversation. The mans name is Tim and he started out very hostile like and it sounded like he wanted to bible bash. But as the conversation went on, his needs became clear. While this was going on, I got up to pour my tea and I was so engrossed in the conversation happening between Sister Law and Tim that I missed my cup and poured boiling water all over my hand! So it naturally began to hurt and go bright flaming red and swelled up. I had ice on it for about an hour. Sister Law and I had to do some other stuff when it quickly became 8:45.  I had to go and get something to find relief from the burn. It was like time stopped. We had time to drive the 5 minutes to walmart, run in find the burn gel, and drive back to be in our apartments by 9. Then when I woke up the next morning there was only one little spot that hurt. My had was fully healed by noon the next day. That burn should have lasted at least a week and it was gone the next day.
Miracle number 2!
This is less noticeable. We went on exchanges this past week and we were in Saint John, New Brunswick. I was feeling pretty weighed down and I was able to get a lot of the help that I needed. Our STL’s (Sister Training Leaders) are awesome. Sensing the need to have a bit of fun, we went to the beach before we had to leave the next day. I never thought that I would be able to go to the beach as a missionary, but I guess when most of your mission is islands its hard to avoid! We had so much fun and we even found some pieces of sea glass. It was a much needed break and for me it was a miracle. I was freed from the stresses of missionary life for a moment and was able to have some true, genuine fun! I am out of time now! But I Love you all and I hope all is going well!!
Love, Emma

We’ve got a BAPTISM!! Not Just one but TWO!!!

Hey Ya’ll!
So it is apparent by the heading the highlight of the week! This week just as last week has been crazy. Sister Law and I have been going nonstop for the past week and it finally hit me after the baptisms when I got a nasty case of vertigo. That had me sleeping all day! Which is horrid as a missionary, its even worse for the companion. But the things that happened before are pretty exciting and frankly hilarious.
Last week Sister Law and I spent our PDay with the Wakelings. A family in the ward who loves us! They are recent converts and are fantastic missionaries!! All of our progressing investigators are from them. And our 2 new converts are part of their family. We played a lot of games with them and hung out with them all day! It was fantastic!
Tuesday we did our hot chocolate stand. Several of you have asked if it is effective, to which I respond is no, not a single thing we do as missionaries to find people is really effective. We are most effective at finding and baptizing people when we work with the members. But you never know who the Lord has prepared, so we go out and get doors slammed in our faces, and people yelling at us damning us to Hell, or just running away from us, which happens quite frequently. People are sometimes more open to us at the hot chocolate stand out of sheer curiosity, which is good. The openness of people really depends on the week though. Some weeks they are like, “yeah we’ll talk to you for a bit” and other weeks they treat us like we have the plague. We have a lot of fun doing it though. Tuesday night was intensely funny. We were with the Wakelings because we needed to see Renee and Lexi everyday before their baptism. While we were there our other investigator, Justin, was there too. We got talking about transfers and we are all pretty sure the Sister Law will be transferred out. Justin is super snarky and says something along the lines of that can’t happen soon enough. Well Sister Law starts singing the cups song, the part that says you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. Justin then says “Oh, I like her”. We were getting ready to leave when Justin walks up to sister Law and says “you know, I was talking about the girl who sings the song, not you.” In the blink of an eye, at point blank range, Sister Law throws pass along cards at Justin like they were a ninja star, hits him right below the eye and leaves a mark!! I sat there completely stunned. After a moment, the realization of what she had done began to hit her and she started apologizing profusely. Sister Law had been pretty out of it for most of the day. I even made her take a nap she was so out of it. Apparently it didn’t help. (Justin is a super cool and chill guy so he wasn’t offended at all, he even laughed and joked around with us about it) Sister Law made things worse for herself though. She was given a piece of candy that she did not like and went to spit it out and got something on her hands. She went to wash her hands and thought it would be a good idea to splash water on Kym Wakeling. Kym, who has a very fiery but good natured personality, retaliated ten fold. Realizing the depths of her mistake, Sister Law screamed RUN!!! and bolted to the door with me trailing out after her. That is the fastest we have ever gotten out of their house! I looked back and saw Jimmy holding back Kym, but it didn’t work for long. Soon I heard her chasing after us with a glass filled with water. Thinking wisely, I got out of the way and let my companion pay for the consequence of her choice. She was dosed in water, her coat soaking wet. I could not help but laugh hysterically at the situation. And pretty soon all of us were laughing so hard our sides began to be sore. We all needed that great stress reliever.
Wednesday: We did a lot of finding and decided that we would street contact to Walmart. Sister Law was still pretty out of it and as we were walking, she walked right into a sign. Ironically enough, the sign said wrong way. I made her take another nap. This one, I believe, helped out more. Which is good because we were introduced to a potential investigator. Her name is Brittany and she is Renee’s friend. Brittany is truly prepared to hear the gospel. We are meeting with her tonight and I am praying that it all goes well!
Thursday: Every Thursday we have supper with the Seaboyers and do a Book of Mormon study with them and some of the other members in Canada. These two older ladies always come. Sister Sargfield and Smith. Both are deaf. Brother Seaboyer is a very snarky man and has a very small filter, which his wife yells at him for fairly frequently. This was one of those moments where his filter wasn’t on. Sister Sargfield was saying something about not understanding something. Brother Seaboyer said “its because you’re deaf.” Sister Seaboyer slapped him, because even though its true it isn’t  nice to say. Noticing the commotion Sister Sargfield said “what?”
Brother Seaboyer: “Oh nothing I said something I shouldn’t have.”
Sister Sargfield:”Oh, I don’t know, I didn’t hear you.”
Brother Seaboyer:”It’s cuz you’re deaf”
All of us who did have hearing started laughing, even sister Seaboyer couldn’t help but laugh at this.
Friday. I don’t remember what happened, I guess it wasn’t all that important.
Saturday: The day we have been anticipating and working towards for 5 1/2 months finally arrived! Renne and Lexi were getting baptized!! It was a beautiful day! Filled with the spirit and some crazy stories, as baptisms usually have. We called the sisters who are serving in the area where the baptism was going to be held to fill the font. Faithfully following the instructions from the Bishop, they filled the font. Then, problems started to arise. The lights didn’t turn on and the water was freezing cold. We concluded that it would have been warmer in the lake. Even though they were freezing and had to be dunked twice, the spirit was there and it was so strong! I felt my heart swell as I watched Renee and Lexi go under the water. Tears came to my eyes as the spirit bore powerful witness that this was right and true. I have been truly blessed to experience a baptism so early on in my mission. To feel the love and joy our Heavenly Father has as we make the choice to follow Him and keep His commandments. It has given me the motivation that I have been needing to be able to be the best representative of Him that I can be. It was a very beautiful day.
Sunday: The exhaustion finally hit and I had vertigo.  I slept all of Sunday.
In looking back on my week, I have seen the Lord’s hand in my life so abundantly. All of the moments when I had the opportunity to laugh, and to laugh hard, were blessing from the Lord. They provided me with the break that I needed to continue working as hard as we were this week. The Lord has given me so much strength, I would not have been able to accomplish the things that I needed to with out Him. I know that as we turn our lives to Him and let the light of his gospel enter in, that we will receive of His strength and will be able to accomplish all of the things that he has asked us to do.
I love you all and hope all is going well!

Im not exactly sure what happened….

Hey  ya’ll

So this week has been extra crazy, in fact it has been so crazy that I don’t even know what happened this week!! So this email will probably be super short. Remember that family Sister Law and I found? Well, they dropped us. I haven’t been more crushed in my life. It was insanely hard to handle. I didnt even know how to approach handling this. It has baffeled me that people can feel the spirit so strongly and deny it. It is mind boggling. I guess the biggest thing that I have learned this week is that the Lord helps you through all of your trials. After Tiffany dropped us, we were teaching our investigator Justin and we put him on date to be baptized!!!  We are working towards May 28! It was such a blessing to receive after the devestating news of Tiffany. We have been meeting lots of people and its really sad that they aren’t wanting listen to the beautiful message of the gospel. I was feeling pretty discouraged about this when Elder Trivino told me something funny and comforting. He said, “you know Sister Warner, there are the fishers and then there are the hunters. God sends fishers to areas like Brazil where they bring lots of people into the Gospel. Then there are the hunters and God sends them to areas like this to hunt for the one. Not to dis on people who go to places like Brazil because we need them too, but God sends His strongest and most skilled missionaries to hunt for the one.” I love Elder Trivino. He is super funny and he is a really good district leader! Well I am out of time! I will remember more for next week and I will send pictures next week too!
Camero Ferrari!

Our Liahona, Hal the Bible Basher, and The Power of Faith

As you can see from the subject line, we have had a very interesting week. While it is on my mind, yes I did get all of the packages sent to me. Also there is an Elder Warner in the mission as well.  He is French speaking and is from the Ogden area I think. So I may have found a new cousin, who knows. We had zone conference this past week and it was insanely powerful! I learned so much and was greatly uplifted. I left my journal back at the apartment. I can’t remember most of the things I learned, but I did learn lots! Our meetings continue with Justin and he is progressing really slowly, but has a great desire to learn! He has asked to meet with us 2 times a week now! Renee and Lexi are still on track to being baptized! One of the coolest things ever is to hear your investigator bear their testimony. Renee did it yesterday during fast and testimony meeting and it was so powerful!! It brought me to tears.
Sorry I am so scatter brained! It has been a crazy week!  It is hard to remember everything. So I will now tell about the big things that are in the subject line.
We have a Liahona, like a legit one. Our GPS only works if we have faith and pray about it. I am dead serious. Then there is Hal, the bible basher. Oh my word!! So Sister Law and I went out knocking and we knock on this door. A big guy comes out and immediately start spouting off some crazy ideas of his like I don’t need religion! Religion doesn’t bring you closer to God, it takes you away!  Jesus didn’t have a religion! Just a bunch of things like that. My thought was “okay you are definitely not interested so were gonna go,” but Hal went on like that for 20 minutes straight! I’m not even exaggerating! He would not let us get a word in edge wise. He was trying his hardest to bash with us and we weren’t going to give into it. Finally, the words of my dad came into my mind, “the only way to handle bible bashers is to bear testimony,” so I found my opportunity and I bore testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ and how it makes up for everything wrong in this life. He was a very bitter man because of the things other people had done do him. The whole atmosphere changed after that. The hostility from him went away and he said how he liked that we went around in pairs and how he liked that we weren’t afraid of him like the JW’s (Jehovah Wittiness) are. Strange compliments I know, but we were then able to walk away and it was on pleasant terms and not the bad ones we started on. The power of testimony astounds me.
But the power of faith is even more astonishing! Sister Law and I had set this goal that we were going to get 3 new investigators by the end of this past week. It was Thursday and we didn’t have a single one. Sister Law was discouraged by this.  I was hopeful that the Lord would provide a way. I was getting into bed and I was just starting to fall asleep when Sister Law yelled “Sister Warner!!” My “what” was probably more snarky than it needed to be. That didn’t phase Sister Law at all! She just exclaims “we’re going to find a family!” She continued saying we don’t have to find 3 individual people we just need to find a family and the Lord says He’s prepared one! I said “we are going to find a family.” When I said that, the spirit confirmed to me that it was true. The next day we knocked for an hour and a half straight. It was raining, it was freezing cold, and it was insanely muddy. We didn’t notice it at all. We were so focused on finding that family that it didn’t matter what we had to go through to find them, and we were happy about it! I have never been in more miserable conditions and been happy about it before. We knocked on this one door and a woman named Tiffany opens it and she is interested in our message and we were able to set up an appointment with her for Sunday. Then we met a family and they said that we could meet with them on Sunday. We were so happy. Sunday comes and the family cancels on us. We were so sad because we thought they were the ones we were suppose to find. But we were still meeting with Tiffany and it was good. The moment we started teaching Tiffany about the restoration and the Plan of Salvation, the spirit bore a powerful witness to all of us in the room that what we were saying was true and the Tiffany was the one prepared for us to find. We invited her to be baptized on May 28 and she said yes! I just about lost it I was so excited! As the spirit got stronger she began to open up more and she explained to us that she and her husband have been trying for years to have children but haven’t been able to. Sister Law bore powerful testimony that the Lord will not with hold blessings from her as she does what He commands. I bore testimony of the atonement and Christ’s love for her. It was just powerful. I almost felt like I was back at the MTC because of how prepared Tiffany is. It almost felt unreal.
Throughout this week the Lord has been teaching me a very powerful lesson. There is only one real temptation. Deny who you are. All other temptations sprout from that and are meant to help accomplish the first. Satan knows that if he can get us to deny who we are and to forget who we are, he has won a huge victory. My admonition to each of you reading this letter is to Remember who you are. You are children of God. We are eternal beings meant to accomplish great things in this life. The natural man is powerful and we may think that our follies and weaknesses define us, but they do not. The world has taught us how to be the natural man, but it is not who we are. We are Children of The Most High God. We need to act like it. The knowledge of who we are is powerful and Satan knows it. That is why he strives to get us to deny and forget who we are. Satan is a powerful adversary, but I know that when we rely on Christ and His Atonement, Satan doesn’t stand a chance. Let Christ fight our battles and we will win every time. He Loves us and if we choose to stand with Him, He will not let us fall.
I love all of you and hope everything is going well!!
Camero Ferrari (Love)

Last days in the MTC and the First Days in the Field

Hey Y’all!!

In case you guys were wondering I made it safely to Canada and then to Holton Maine! I will tell of my travels here a bit later! My last few days at the MTC were some of the most powerful! I learned a ton of things that have helped me while I have been out here in the field. I keep learning everyday how much my motto applies out here. I believe that it was truly inspired of our Heavenly Father. It was so hard to say good bye to my district in the MTC.  It was almost as bad as saying goodbye to my family. It was really hard because they became my family while I was in the MTC. But the sorrow left quickly when those of us going to Canada got on the bus to go to Frontrunner to go to the airport. That was an adventure!! We stuck out like none other. All of us had like 3-4 bags and luggage items. It took a while for all of us to get on the train. I got stuck in between the doors trying to help people get on the train. It was a pretty funny moment. Then we get to the airport and the usual chaos that ensues there did. Soon enough we were on the plane to JFK. In Utah people normally ignore missionaries because we are a fairly common sight, but it JFK… man did we stick out. Everyone was staring at us! It was a little strange at first but we got use to it pretty quickly. The real problems of our journey didn’t begin until we got into Canada and had to go to the immigration office. They had no idea who we were, why we were there and why we would be there for so long. It took them an hour to figure out that it was okay for us to be there and then another hour for us to get our temporary residency papers. We didn’t get back to the mission home until 3am and it was 3:30am before we were able to go to bed. They were kind and let us sleep until 8am.
Adventure number 2! Nova Scotia doesn’t recognize international drivers licenses! So we all had to go and get a Nova Scotia Drivers license. In the process they took away my Utah license, I wasn’t too happy about that. Later that day we did some street contacting and it was really hard. People did not like us and they most definitely did not want to talk to us. It was rough for me. Aside from that, the Halifax Dartmouth area is absolutely beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen before. Because our mission covers such a large area we drive everywhere! I drove 6 1/2 hours to meet my companion, Sister Law, in Amhurst. Sister Law can’t drive so I am the designated driver. Then it was another 4 1/2 hours to the border where we realized that Sister Law had switched passports with her former companion. The people at the border were kind and let us go back into Canada.  We had to drive all the way back to Halifax to switch them around. President Pratt was kind enough to have us only drive back to Amhurst and sent some other sisters to drive the 2 hours or so to make the switch. So, I drove for 10 hours my first day! Sister Law and I got to know each other pretty well. She is from Michigan and has been out for about a year now. She is nice and is a hard worker.  We get a long fairly well.  We spent the night in Amhurst and drove back to Holton the next day. Then we had weekly planning. It wasn’t until that evening that I met with one of our new investigators. His name is Justin. He is friends with a couple who were recently baptized. They’re names are Kym and Jimmy and they love to feed us!! They are great missionaries as well. They are always willing to come with us to lessons and 4 out of our 5 investigators know them and that’s how they came into contact with us. 2 of our investigators, Renee and Lexi, a mother and daughter, have a date to be baptized on April 23!! It is so exciting and cool to be working with them. To see the change that the gospel has wrought in there lives is amazing!! It has been a rough week and I was so grateful that it was General Conference! Each of the talks had something that I needed to hear and I was spiritually filled. I love Conference!! It was so powerful to me this past time around. My faith and testimony of Christ has been strengthened. I know that He is at the center of everything in our lives. He gives us the strength we need when we feel as if we cannot go on. He makes it possible, no matter how broken we are, that we can be rebuilt and be stronger than we ever were before! He is our Savior and Redeemer. He is waiting to come to our rescue. All we need to do is call out for Him and He will be there. I love all of you and I can’t wait to hear how everything is going!!
Love, Emma

I’m Alive!!


I made it safely here to Halifax and it is so BEAUTIFUL!! I have never seen anything like it. Getting through the immigration office was a bit difficult and by a bit I mean we were suppose to be outta there by like 1 am and we didn’t get done until 3 am. It was a very interesting experience. I will be serving in the Houlton Maine area. I will be crossing the border quite frequently. This is going to be an amazing adventure.

I just wanted to share with all of you that I know that this gospel is true and that the Lord Knows each of us by name and He knows our struggles and only wants to help support us. I know that it is only through Christ that we can have peace and joy in this life. If we follow Him in this life, we are promised to have those same blessings in the life to come! I know that as we do the things we have been commanded to do, we will come closer to Him. He has given me so much strength during this experience and I know he will help all of us!! I have to go now!! I love you all!!

Love, Emma